Steve Reich Music

Recorded Digitally at The Wool Hall, Somerset, England.
By Steve Williams, Ross Cullum, Gary Langan.

Mixed at The Wool Hall, Somerset, England. & at The Shed, Maidenhead, England.
By Steve Williams, Ross Cullum, Gary Langan.

Edited at Ashley Manor, Wiltshire, England.
By Chris Hughes.

Mastered at Gateway Mastering, Maine, USA.
By Robert Ludwig.

Sleeve Design.
By Paul Ridout


  • Stuart Gordon played Violin on Slow Motion Blackbird
  • Maire Brennan played Harp which was sampled and used throughout the record
  • Howard & Jan Jones lent me their Shed and looked after me there during the mixing of parts of the record.
  • Ian Stanley gave advice and probably lent me some of his equipment
  • Jack Hues also gave advice and help with some string parts on a piece that never made it onto the record. The faults preventing its completion were not his
  • Lorraine Francis was assistant engineer during recording and mixing at the WoolHall
  • Carole Davies was General Manager at the WoolHall. Her work and help was immeasurable. She now manages the Helium Group of Engineers and Producers of which I am a member
  • David Conroy was Chief Technical Engineer at the WoolHall. His help was also immeasurable
  • Ken Dewar lent me a beautiful set of Marimbas for the duration of the recording
  • Peter Dolan took the photo of me on the back cover during a trip to Versailles way back when
  • Max Hole has managed my affairs since I can remember. His help and guidance remain beyond value
  • David Bates was responsible for "signing the project" to Mercury Records. His work in the field of A+R is legendary. He now owns and runs db Records